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Do I Need a Maker Portfolio

Do I Need a Maker Portfolio? Advice for aspiring Computer Science and Engineering MajorsThe notion of a holistic application process that includes work samples or a full-blown portfolio has long been common practice in schools of architecture, the visual arts, and music. On the other hand, the STEM fields have traditionally stuck to the â€Å"meat and potatoes† of the application, selecting applicants mainly on the basis of high test scores and academic achievement.A shift occurred in 2013, when MIT launched so-called Maker Portfolios—an addendum to the application that highlighted â€Å"technical creativity† as evidenced by â€Å"one project  completed outside of school, internships, work, or extracurricular activities.† In the first two years of its existence, over 1,000 of the roughly 20,000 applicants to MIT elected to submit Maker Portfolios. Not only does this number continue to rise at MIT but now the Maker Portfolio is becoming an increasingly important part of the applicati on process at other selective schools with top CS and engineering departments. (side note to see our lists of top colleges for CS and various engineering disciplines, visit our Dataverse)Which schools consider Maker Portfolios?It’s a growing list, but many of the nation’s most selective engineering and computer science programs are encouraging applicants to submit supplementary â€Å"maker† materials. MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Tufts, and Washington University in St. Louis all now encourage applicants to submit a Maker Portfolio. While this practice is likely to spread in the coming years at highly-selective colleges and universities, it is unlikely to become commonplace at larger and/or less selective institutions. Materials of this nature take a significant amount of time to review, and resource-strapped admissions offices are already pressed for time. In the case of a school like UCLA that receives 100,000+ applications each year, such individualized attention si mply may never be feasible.What if I haven’t built anything amazing yet?Mozart wrote his first symphony at eight years old. Bobby Fischer was a chess grandmaster at fifteen. Relative late bloomer, Blaise Pascal invented the calculator at the ripe old age of nineteen and was still waitlisted at Carnegie Mellon†¦okay, just kidding on the last part.Most teenagers, even those brilliant enough to be serious candidates for admission at the likes of MIT have not yet invented an app that will change the world or uncovered a genetically engineered food product that will solve world hunger. Your best accomplishments in life lay ahead of you and trust us, colleges know this. Therefore, it is okay to showcase a website that you are still working on or even an invention that you tinkered with that ultimately failed. What matters is that you demonstrate your passion for making things and your desire to be an energetic problem-solver.When should I create a Maker Portfolio?We recommend that you start thinking seriously about your project during your junior year. If you are someone whose passion is computer science or engineering, you are probably already engaged in â€Å"maker† activities whether it’s through a coding club at your high school or a competitive robotics team. Begin to brainstorm how what you love to do could best be communicated to an admissions committee through this medium. Starting early will also give you a chance to document the visual evidence of the early stages of whatever you’re building, which will come in handy when it’s time to create a portfolio.What does a good Maker Portfolio look like?The first criteria worth digesting is that your Maker Portfolio is not going to be a three-hour marathon like Godfather II or Spartacus. You are aiming for more like a 3-5 minute attention-grabbing sprint (time limits vary by institution), more in the vein of a polished music video or a gone-viral sneezing panda on YouTube.Ou r first example is from an application to MIT. In this video, the applicant first expresses why he is passionate about using coding to solve problems, and then shows the viewer websites that he has created toward this aim. Note that this â€Å"maker† does a fantastic job of telling a story in a succinct and engaging way through simple text with a visual accompaniment.Tufts, very kindly, has selected two sample Maker Portfolios for us that wowed their admissions committee.   In the first, an applicant explains a problem she sought to solve: visually impaired individuals had a difficult time telling their currency apart. Then, she explains how she went about solving the problem through technology. The second sample also deals with creating devices for people with disabilities but instead of a video, the applicant shared presentation boards along with a detailed narrative to explain her role in these impressive creations.Key TakeawaysPortfolios are no longer solely the realm o f prospective art and architecture students. They are becoming more common for CS and engineering applicants at elite schools.Don’t worry if what you have â€Å"made† is incomplete, a failure, or simply not earth-shattering. You are demonstrating not only your skills as a maker but also, in MIT’s own words, â€Å"how you learn, create, and problem-solve in an unstructured environment.†Start brainstorming prior to senior year so you a) plan your â€Å"maker† narrative, and b) begin to visually document important steps in your process.Look at examples of successful Maker Portfolios to guide you. The examples that we provided will give you a taste of the format, subject matter, and the various ways to tell a compelling story.

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Analysis Of The Poem The Optimist - 1177 Words

Joshua Mehigan s second poetry collection following, The Optimist, presents an anthology disclosing rhyme, meter and colloquial speech/diction infused with realist narratives and monologues bathed in the surreal lucid elements of the subconscious. Mehigan’s collection discusses the inevitability and the gravitating novelty of change as well as the facing of ones demise in both the literal and figurative sense. Whether it is an everlasting smokestack, the evaluation of a road post car accident, a town that never changes, a man on his death bed or the excitement of seeing dreary Christmas play falling apart, or someone slowly losing their sanity. Mehigan tackles complicated concepts with scenarios that are entertaining to the reader but†¦show more content†¦Mehigan s tendency to let his imagery and small monologue statements traverse the narrative is expertly exerted in this poem to discuss the concepts of change and being contempt in consistency. Mehigan closes the poe m with a simple, yet powerful and intelligently constructed, statement which mirrors the opening line of the poem Nothing here ever changes, till it does (3). When this line is earlier voiced it is said in an almost omniscient third person indirect which gives validity of such a claim a potent degree of confidence that nothing here will ever change. As the poem ends though the restated line has its confidence and validity shifted to the almost inevitable degree of change that is to come. Mehigan discusses very complex universal truths and philosophies by entertaining the reader in the collection with a series of seemingly simple tales, displayed in a degree of multiple formats, centralized around a specific object, setting, or statement which precedes the text by being placed within the poems titles. This consistency found within the collection helps guide the readers focus and fuses his ideologies with something physical to give the readers a tangible example/experience in an effort to not only give clarity to the poetry collections interpretative meanings but be novel in its execution, with a show not tell concept. Mehigan displays the ability to talk about issues of love, death,Show MoreRelatedRhetorical Analysis for Ways of Talking Essay687 Words   |  3 Pages19  November  2014   Poem  Rhetorical  Analysis   â€Å"​ The  optimist  sees  the  rose  and  not  its  thornsÍ ¾Ã‚  the  pessimist  stares  at  the  thorns,  oblivious   of  the  rose†,  said  Kahil  Gibran,  a  Lebanese  artist,  poet,  and  writer.  In  other  words,  optimists  see   the  more  favorable  side  of  the  flower,  the  beauty  of  the  rose,  while  pessimists  focus  on  the   negative  parts,  blinding  their  view  of  the  beauty.  Ha  Jin’s  poem  relates  to  this  because  he   illustrates  the  change  from  a  pessimist  to  an  optimist.  In  his  poem  Ã¢â‚¬Å"Ways  of  Talking†Read MoreSummary Of A Scherzo For Sadness1082 Words   |  5 PagesLynn Powell’s, â€Å"A Scherzo for Sadness,† is a poem consisting of nine stanzas that provide a narrative by a series of instances in time through concrete imagery. These particular images vividly display the female speakers internal conflicts with love and emotional state that coincides with it, implementing a tangible idea to rather abstract concepts. By performing a deep explication and a close reading of the work, a deep-seated recognition of her experiences and understanding of the role that loveRead MoreA Critical Analysis Of The Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Perkins Gilman1051 Words   |  5 Pages Patel 1 Aditi Patel 3/14/16 English 102 Esposito, Carmine. A Critical Analysis of The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman Charlotte Perkins Gilman was a famous social worker and a leading author of women’s issues. Charlotte Perkins Gilman s relating to views of women s rights and her demands for economic and social reform of gender inequities are very famous for the foundations of American society in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In critics GilmanRead MoreComparative Stylistic Analysis of a Poem3580 Words   |  15 Pagesï » ¿ Comparative Stylistic Analysis of a Poem Submitted to: Mrs. Daisy O. Casipit Submitted by: Lovely Anne B. Unquida (BSEd3-3) October 2013 Easter Wings by George Herbert Lord, who createdst man in wealth and store,    Though foolishly he lost the same,   Ã‚      Decaying more and more,   Ã‚     Ã‚   Till he became   Ã‚     Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Most poore:   Ã‚     Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   With thee      Ã‚  Ã‚   Oh let me rise As larks, harmoniously, And sing this day   thy victories: Then shall the fall furtherRead MoreThe Theory Of Mind Over Matter2132 Words   |  9 Pagesadapt takes precedence in today’s culture. Scientists refer to this ability as your â€Å"subconscious† or â€Å"unconscious† mind. Famous scientist, Sigmund Freud, was the first to introduce the concept through techniques through random association, dream analysis and Freudian slips. In an article of The New York Times (NY Times), journalist Benedict Carey explains, â€Å"Scientists have spent years trying to pinpoint the exact neural regions that support conscious awareness, so far in vain [with] little doubtRead MorePropaganda Effects of World War One Essay examples3323 Words   |  14 Pagescontradictions must be explained and shown to be only temporary. Information of each success must be widely spread and its meaning made clear to the general populous. The list of examples of such instances is quite exhaustive so the focus of this analysis will remain on the pr ocesses rather than the specifics of any one example. Propaganda is the â€Å"organization of ideas that will serve some cause, and disseminate the ideas and information for the purpose of inducing or intensifying specific attitudesRead MorePropaganda Effects of Wwi3372 Words   |  14 Pagescontradictions must be explained and shown to be only temporary. Information of each success must be widely spread and its meaning made clear to the general populous. The list of examples of such instances is quite exhaustive so the focus of this analysis will remain on the processes rather than the specifics of any one example. Propaganda is the organization of ideas that will serve some cause, and disseminate the ideas and information for the purpose of inducing or intensifying specific attitudesRead MoreGeorge Orwell23689 Words   |  95 Pagesthey are ‘practical’, as they are so fond of claiming for themselves. One has only to look at their methods of town planning and water supply, their obstinate clinging to everything that is out of date and a nuisance, a spelling system that defies analysis, and a system of weights and measures that is intelligible only to the compilers of arithmetic books, to see how little they care about mere efficiency. But they have a certain power of acting without taking thought. Their world-famed hypocrisy –Read MoreStrategy Safari by Mintzberg71628 Words   |  287 Pagesway to ensure that strategy is controlled in one mind is to keep the process simple (182). However, this point, together with the first, forced Andrews to tread a fine line throughout h is text between nonconscious intuition on one side and formal analysis on the other, a position he characterized as an act of judgment (108). This distinguishes the design school from the entrepreneurial school on one side and the planning and especially positioning schools on the other. 4. Strategies should be oneRead MoreOrganisational Theory230255 Words   |  922 Pagestheory focuses attention on the human issues in organization ‘There is nothing so practical as a good theory’ How Roethlisberger developed a ‘practical’ organization theory Column 1: The core contributing social sciences Column 2: The techniques for analysis Column 3: The neo-modernist perspective Column 4: Contributions to business and management Four combinations of science, scientific technique and the neo-modernist approach reach different parts of the organization Level 1: Developing the organization

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The Hierarchy Rule Single Crime Incident - 951 Words

In regards to the hierarchy rule: single crime incident in which multiple offenses are committed, only the most serious offense is reported (Siegel, Larry J., 2006, p 38). Arson is the only exception; it is always reported to the FBI. For example, if an offender robs and murders a victim, only the murder will be reported. Shouldn’t both acts of crimes be reported? Since both occurred at the same time to a victim. Not what this data source concludes. The hierarchy rule affects international crime rate comparisons too not just only in the United States; due to the matter other countries include each crime in a multiple-offenses incident in their statistics (Siegel, Larry J., 2006, p 38). The UCR does not collect all relevant data; it only collects crime details about the victim, the offender, and the circumstance only for homicide cases which is one of the programs strengths that is consistent (Siegel, Larry J., 2006, p 38). While on the other hand UCR omits crime not re ported to police, most drug usage, and contains reporting errors due to lack of knowledge or details from the law enforcement agencies (Siegel, Larry J., 2006, p 38). From that perspective with UCR the NIBRS was develop to capture the missing pieces to the puzzle that was not address in the UCR. National Incident Based Reporting System In 1982 the National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) was implemented to improve the quality of crime data collected by law enforcement by capturing detailedShow MoreRelatedThe Uniform Of Uniform Crime Reporting1189 Words   |  5 PagesUniform Crime Reporting data is delivered to the public in two ways: One way is by Web publications of traditional Uniform Crime Reporting offerings such as Crime in the United States, Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted, Hate Crime Statistics, other periodic or special compilations (Soares, 2004). Older Uniform Crime Reporting publications (from 1930 to 1995) are available from the FBI’s CJIS Division as scanned Portable Document Format (PDF) files on compact discs (CDs) (Biderman, andRead MoreThe Crime Of Measuring Crime1560 Words   |  7 PagesMeasuring crime remains a difficult challenge despite years of research and reportable crime data. To say this problem has stumped policymakers and law enforcement professionals i s an understatement. Each year statistics and crime data are collected using numerous means for study and released in public reports. The merits behind these collections are numerous as are the potential uses for the data. Of particular consideration are the Uniform Crime Reports and the National Incident-Based ReportingRead MoreDifferences in Crime Statistics in the Uniform Crime Reports versus the National Crime Victimization Survey743 Words   |  3 Pages Arguments over crime statistics have been raging ever since governments began counting criminal activity. In 1930 the United States congress authorized the attorney general of the United States to survey crime in America. The Federal Bureau of Investigation was chosen to implement the program. (Schmalleger p.38) The Uniform Crime Reports is the survey taken by the FBI. This measure of crime in America depends on reports to the police by victims of crimes. The UCR Program was developed byRead MoreCrime : Crime And Crime2447 Words   |  10 PagesCrime has always existed in some shape or form. However, the question about how crime much crime exists has always been the source of some discrepancy. Knowing how much crime exists at certain points in time is very important to law enforcement, criminal justice researchers, politicians and other public officials. Being able to measure the amount of crime allows the creation and tracking of crime trends. This allows those concerned with crime trends to better adjust their tactics or methods inRead MorePolice and National Crime Information1595 Words   |  7 Pagescountries. First, the colonists committed themselves to local policing. Second, the colonists reinforced that commitment by creating a theory of government called republicanism. Finally, the colonial period witnessed the onset of the theory of crime prevention. Two powerful trends in England and America brought great changes in policing in both countries in the early and mid-nineteenth century. The first being urbanization, and the second was industrialization. 2. List and describe majorRead MoreCollege Women Stop Getting Drunk and College Men Stop Drinking881 Words   |  4 Pagesrape accidentally, or knowingly I do agree with Yoffe’s statement â€Å"Let’s be totally clear: Perpetrators are the ones responsible for committing their crimes.† In Yoffe’s article she covers both the perpetrator as well as the victim, though spending more time on the latter. I feel that perhaps an understanding of whether it really is a majority rule, where rapists are surveying the streets preying on unsuspecting women. According to Amanda Hess’s Article â€Å"To prevent Rape on College Campuses, FocusRead MoreCrime Data Sources in the United States3348 Words   |  14 PagesCrime Data Sources in the United States: The collection of crime data in the United States is carried out through different approaches including Uniform Crime Reports and the National Incident-Based Reporting System, which also act as the two primary sources of crime data for crime reporting. The data obtained from these sources are used for research and documentation of crime status at the county, state, and national levels. Notably, the National Incident-Based Reporting System emerged as anRead MoreTexas Statutes Give Law Enforcement Ample Room Outside The Glare Of State Open Records Laws Essay2170 Words   |  9 Pagesthe same time, numerous indices of crime rates show border communities to be among the safer regions of the state. Such dissonance makes it difficult for the public and its representatives to create a response that also successfully navigates the political landscape. As much as the Texas-Mexico border is a battlefield between drug cartels and law enforcement, it also is a battlefield over the public’s perception of â€Å"spillover violence† and â€Å"transnational crime.† What is at stake? Millions of federalRead MoreTurkey And Its Judicial Procedures1914 Words   |  8 Pagessystem of criminal justice was derived from the Italian penal Code replacing the Ottoman Empire’s Islamic Justice System. The punishments for felonies (who committed major crimes such as homicide, theft. arson, perjury and rape) were categorized under strict or ordinary imprisonment or heavy fines. In the criminal code of 1926, crimes against the state and planned murder were punished with death sentence. The executions were suspended in the year 1984. There are more than 1000 death sentences that areRead MoreNuremburg Trials During The Winter Semester2355 Words   |  10 Pagesnature we belong to. This whole universe has seen and gone through the different repercussions of the world wars inflicted on it mercilessly resulting out of unjustifiable violence and gonerrous acts. Be it the Hiroshima , Nagasaki infamous Atom bomb incidents or the traces of whims and fancies of world leaders ; these wars have left a great wound on the chest of the whole world which is difficult to heal in the near and proximate future. Thus among the historic aftermaths of world war 2 when the world

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Production and Operations Management

Question: Discuss about the Production and Operations Management. Answer: Introduction Operation management is addressed to the business practices and administration to develop highest level of efficiency, which is possible within the organization context. It is related towards converting the raw materials and labor force to goods and services, in order to upsurge the profitability and efficiency in the corporation. Operation management is majorly concerned with the preparation of plan, shaping and controlling in the field of production, manufacturing in the contexts of services. It ensures that an association positively turns inputs to outputs in a resourceful manner. The inputs here are to characterize anything from the ingredients, apparatuss and knowledge to human resources such as workforces and staffs. The functions of operation management have a role of providing the needful services and products in such a way that it satisfies the criteria described by the market. This report will outline the operational methods and strategies implemented by Whisper Communications Limited to give its customers a standard level of satisfaction. It will also address the chief operation tasks conducted by the firm in providing satisfaction to the customers. The report will deliver the clear analysis of who the actual clienteles of the company are and what the patrons expect from the company. After that, the analysis will highpoint the operations administration objectives and Whisper Communications Limited ability to meet these objectives. In addition to this, the study will also address why it is important to improve the ability of the operations implementation that supply a product which meets the needs of the customers. Along with this, the report will also provide the recommendations in terms to improve the ability of the operation management of the company to meet its objectives. Companys overview Whisper Communications Limited is an Atlanta based communication company which was founded in the year 2009. The company was founded with an intention to commercialize the physical layer security technologies. The main purpose of this company is on machineries where data security is tied to immediacy to the data source. Whisper Communications Limited UK came into existence in year 2009 and from then, the company is successfully functioning as a mobile phone merchant for all the chief networks in the UK such as T-Mobile, 3 and so on. The company is placed as first party in the system service worker and induce as a succeeding party as the dealer in providing the definite handset. The company also acts as a third party who gets the consent and demand of the customers in subscribing monthly contract phone. Operation Management Operation management is discourses to the business performs and administration to progress a uppermost level of competence which is possible within the organization framework. It is related to converting the raw materials and labor force to goods and services in order to upsurge the profitability and efficiency in the corporation (Aswathappa and Bhat, 2010). Operation management is majorly concerned with the preparation of plan, forming and overseeing in the field of manufacture, manufacturing or in the frameworks of services. It ensures that an association successfully turns inputs to outputs in an efficient manner. The participations here are to characterize anything from the supplies, apparatuss and knowledge to human resources such as workforces and staffs. The functions of operation management have a role of providing the needful services and products in such a way that it satisfies the criteria described by the market. Operation Management is described as the procedure of managing and assorting the possessions and resources which are required the production and deliverable of goods and services. Each and every association has operation function as every organization in some way produces some type of products or services. The applicability of operation management is illustrated in everyday activities of people. It is proved by a statement that operation management is the way organizations produces goods and services (Bettley, Mayle and Tantoush, 2005). This statement clearly reflects the important nature of Operations Management (Aswathappa and Bhat, 2010). Operation Management is the central activity of assorting and organizing things which can be considered as transformation process. Figure 1: Transformation process of Operation Management Operations of a company are transformation process. The aim of operation management is to change and convert a specific set of materials or resources as Inputs into goods and services as Outputs. The input assets could be the raw supplies, customers info or customer themself (Bhatt, 2000). These possessions are then transmuted into closing goods and services through a mode of transforming resources. For illustration: Raw Materials: Carpenter who takes wood pieces as raw materials and then convert it into a finished product by cutting, structuring and polishing it. Information: A tourist guide gathers the evidence about the customer likings and choice and then provides the info to the holiday planners to advise and assist people to stay and visit the place (Bhatt, 2000). Customers: customers are resources at airport. The operation of an air industry is about processing the passengers tickets and luggage and then delivering them to the awaiting plane (Brown, 2005). Operation Management comprises the supervision, conniving, and monitoring of the procedure and course of the manufacture and is about reshaping the business actions in the manufacture of belongings and services (DeHoratius and Rabinovich, 2011). The main focus of operation management in a service providing company is about the training of the workers, customer service locations and whether the equipments are safe for the publics and employees or not. There are various important aspects that operational managers have to consider. Operations of a company are all about: Modernization and planning of the products, amenities and the delivery system Handling and guiding of the operations system Searching the ways to improve the operations system Operations Management in Organizations For every organization, the operations functions have its utmost importance. It is due to the reason that operational functions produce the goods and services that is the reason for the existence of the companys (DeHoratius and Rabinovich, 2011). Some of the main purposes of the administrations are: Marketing purpose: This function is accountable for the communication of the products and service of the company to its target markets. This function also helps in generating customer requests for the services. Operation purpose: The main intention of this function is to create new and innovative products and services to produce future customer demand for the companys services. Product and service development purpose: This function is responsible for fulfilling company request for service the creation and delivery of products or services (Hill and Hill, 2012). Along with these functions, there are several other functions that assist a company in operating efficiently and effectively. These include: Accounting and finance purpose: It gives data to company in order to take economic result making. It also accomplishes the financial possessions of the association. Human resource purpose: This purpose is accountable for recruiting and developing the staffs and labor force after the organizations. An organization, which produces physical products and, an organization which is a service provider has a thing in common. They have a common process. They both have some resources in the input process and result also has some resources. Figure 2: Operations Management processes Operations Management in Whisper Communications Limited Whisper Communications Limited main operations take place in customer service, sales, inventory, purchase and management. These departments relied heavily on operations processes. It ensures that the corporation is competent to make earnings and will endure to operate. The downfall of any procedures in any division will tamper and halt the growth of the establishment. All the divisions of the company are interconnected with each other. Inventory Management and Database These department resources are executed by sales executive. Previously, the sales department team of Whisper Communications Limited used to send customer details on spreadsheet, which used to consume too much time and incur extra costs (Gottlieb, Matveev and Stavrovski, 2004). Now the concern uses an online database arrangement in order for the processes to become timelier and this process is also very affordable to the company. The access of the departments in Whisper Communications Limited is shown in the figure below: Figure 3: Access rights in Whisper Communications Limited When a call is showed up by a lead allotment agent, he or she submits the client information on an online database. This information includes all the basic information of the customer such as name address, contact no, email id, etc (Gottlieb, Matveev and Stavrovski, 2004). These databases are then allocated to sales executives for the purpose of converting these leads onto monthly contract. Whisper Communications Limited always tries to reduce the cancellations by enhancing the quality of the sales. It also has a customer satisfaction department to reduce the cancellations. The company also has a facility of providing email promotion so that it get answers to queries of the customer through email. Order winning and order qualifying criteria An order winner is the characteristic that wins the bid and the customer purchase. And an order qualifies is that characteristic of a product or service that is important for the product or service to get it considered by the customers. This is the reason that companies must provide qualifiers in order to stay in the market (Harvey, Heineke and Lewis, 2016). Order winners and order qualifiers, both are time and market specific. Both of them work in diverse conditions on diverse markets and with different customers. In terms of description, Order winners are those modest features in a firm that cause clienteles to choose its goods and services over the participants. And order contestants are those features that a company must hold to be a viable participant in the industry or the market. There are five performance objectives in an organization, namely, quality, speed, reliability, elasticity and cost. These purposes then can be divided into order winning, order qualifying features. Customer satisfaction department The customer satisfaction department of Whisper Communications Limited includes preventing the customers from cancelling the agreement. It also includes the finalizing of deal and retention of sales person that can have persuasive qualities (DR.K.VANITHA, 2012). Whisper Communications Limited has this department to ensure that operations of the company run smoothly. So order qualifying factors are mostly what a consumer expects at a very minimum from the company of this kind (Sprague, 2007). The Whisper Communications Limited has get positive impacts through the inauguration of online database which has improved the overall functions operated in the company. Some of the functions are: Whisper Communications Limited sales executives process the operation with the supplier in a straight way which will help in the delivery of handset instantly (DR.K.VANITHA, 2012). Whisper Communications Limited can also upgrade its lead allocation division that will permit the department to simply recognize the quantity of leads taken by per sales executives. Whisper Communications Limited can also advance the queries solving email portal that will also reduce the number of calls. With the implementation of applied strategy, the issue of receiving inappropriate calls by the sales person will get resolved. It wills also the company in solving the issues of the customer quickly and customers dont have to wait for minutes (Ramaj and Ismaili, 2015). Whisper Communications Limited management can then supply or deliver the handset in a maximum of two working days. Service Operation in Whisper Communications Limited Operation Management functions mainly consists the planning, organizing, controlling a motivating to achieve the set of organizational goals (Service operation, 2011). Operation management in service Provider Company like Whisper Communications Limited provides certain intangible service that sometimes is difficult to identify. Service operations have more prospects that manufacturing industry to modify the services they offer (Service operation, 2011). Service operation develops the situation according to how it marks the consumers. They are more anxious about how the atmosphere seems to the consumers. Operation managers in service organizations schedule the workers to handle the customer claim. They have to guide and train the workforces to offer optimal service to the consumers. The scope of operations management surrounds these multi-dispensary areas: Supply Chain Market Interface Finance Interface Operations strategy Process design and improvements Role of Operations Managers An operations manager has a very imperative role in the business, government or any other organization. The task of the operation manger largely depends on the large part upon the character and size of the firm, but he or she needs a wide variety of business assistances to get succeed (Johnston and Staughton, 2009). In simpler terms, operation manager plans, develops and smooths the communication. Some of the important role of operation managers is described below: Management of resources: Operation managers play a very significant role in handling both raw supplies and personnel. It contains the management of inventory, purchasing of stock and supply of it. Human resources tasks contain the regulating needs, hiring of the workforces, overseeing the work of the employees and planning of the staff expansion (Johnston and Staughton, 2009). Financial Management: Operational managers plays very significant role in handling both raw resources and personnel. They also play important role in planning, and adjusting the outs and keeping the financial track of the company steady. The management of the supply chain done by the operations managers helps to minimize the costs of the production (Johnston and Staughton, 2009). They study business forecasts, sales information, and financial accounts to find the roads of maximum profit. A skillful operation manager can also sustain the financial equation of the company. Goal-setting: Operating managers set the goals and purposes for the various divisions of the organization. Their duties embrace the sales forecasting, and planning of the sales promotions. They also have to establish procedures and put them into effect (Krajewski, Ritzman and Krajewski, 2005). Communications: Another role of operations managers is developing a proficient communication environment between the employees. They need good contact and interpersonal abilities to help the different divisions of the organizations together (Ramaj and Ismaili, 2015). Operations managers are accountable for creating a positive and pleasant working culture where work can be done efficiently. They do the communication between the workers and the sections. They also resolve the disputes and disagreements of the employees regarding any decision taken by senior managers (Johnston and Staughton, 2009). They have to cooperate in high-level decision making with the other officials of the company. Operation managers are those employees of the company who have huge accountability for managing some or total resources which concede the operations functions. Some of the activities that is applied in the roles of operations mangers are: Understanding the operations strategic performance objectives Planning and governing the operations Refining the execution of the operations Developing the operations products, services and processes. Conclusion It has been found in the study that operation management is addressed to the business practices and administration to develop a highest level of efficiency which is possible within the organization context. It is related to converting the raw materials and labor force to goods and services in order to upsurge the profitability and efficiency in the corporation. The study also outlined that Whisper Communications Limited main operations take place in customer service, sales, stock, purchase and management. These divisions relied heavily on operations processes. It ensures that the company is able to make profit and will continue to function. The study also highlighted that Operation managers play a very important role in running both raw materials and personnel. It contains the management of inventory, purchasing of stock and supply of it. Recommendation It is recommended to Whisper Communications Limited that they can increase the efficiency of their operation management if they can utilize a sequential flow pattern in the process. By doing this, the company can observe the process over a small, confined space, which will make it easy to control. This will also facilitate the good communication among the employees. Another thing that Whisper Communications Limited can do is minimizing the backtracking the work in process. Crating an open environment will also reflect a positive feedback to the company. It will create an open environment which will allows everyone to see whats going on the process and will lastly simplify the work of managing. Operations management is about running a business effectively and efficiently with the minimum utilization of resources. It is about getting it done while still meeting the production requirements and achieving the sustainable operational performance improvements. Whisper Communications Limited can improve its quality systems and should also help the clients in reducing the logistics and supply chain costs (NARASIMHAN and MNDEZ, 2009). Whisper Communications Limited can implement kaizen approach which will surely bring rapid improvements. If Whisper Communications Limited implements a product excellence approach, it will surely help the company in enhancing business processes. Whisper Communications Limited must work with it clients to reduce the waste and lower costs to set up a sustainable program that can achieve dependable outcomes. The company has to conduct intelligent use of its limited resources (Yeung, 2008). The specified company can also implement Six-Sigma tools in its operation management that relies particularly on the quality-management methods, such as statistical examination and helps in creating pleasant infrastructure of employees in the organization. Whisper Communications Limited could also implement Lean tool that mainly focuses on eliminating the unnecessary waste in the production. References Aswathappa, K. and Bhat, S. (2010). Production and operations management. 1st ed. Mumbai [India]: Himalaya Pub. House. Bettley, A., Mayle, D. and Tantoush, T. (2005). Operations management. 1st ed. London: SAGE Publications. Bhatt, G. (2000). A resource-based perspective of developing organizational capabilities for business transformation. Knowledge and Process Management, 7(2), pp.119-129. Brown, S. (2005). Strategic operations management. 1st ed. Oxford: Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann. DeHoratius, N. and Rabinovich, E. (2011). Field research in operations and supply chain management. Journal of Operations Management, 29(5), pp.371-375. DR.K.VANITHA, D. (2012). Customer Relationship Management on Customer Satisfaction. International Journal of Scientific Research, 3(4), pp.1-3. Gottlieb, M., Matveev, A. and Stavrovski, B. (2004). Dynamic inventory database management (DIDM): a summary of an internet-based solution for managing complexity of inventory databases. International Journal of Internet and Enterprise Management, 2(3), p.299. Harvey, J., Heineke, J. and Lewis, M. (2016). Editorial for Journal of Operations Management special issue on Professional Service Operations Management (PSOM). Journal of Operations Management, 42-43, pp.4-8. Hill, A. and Hill, T. (2012). Operations Management. 1st ed. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Johnston, R. and Staughton, R. (2009). Establishing and developing strategic relationships the role for operations managers. International Journal of Operations Production Management, 29(6), pp.564-590. Krajewski, L., Ritzman, L. and Krajewski, L. (2005). Operations management. 1st ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall. Ramaj, A. and Ismaili, R. (2015). Customer Relationship Management, Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty. Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. Service operation. (2011). 1st ed. Norwich: TSO, the Stationery Office. Sprague, L. (2007). Evolution of the field of operations management. Journal of Operations Management, 25(2), pp.219-238. Yeung, A. (2008). Strategic supply management, quality initiatives, and organizational performance. Journal of Operations Management, 26(4), pp.490-502. Production and Operations Management Question: Discuss about the Production and Operations Management. Answer: Introduction Every manufacturing firms looks to find ways in which it can increase efficiency and maximize profits. This paper looks into Hahn Brewery located in Auburn,New South Wales. There are strategic decisions and operations that the management of the brewer can efficiently take in its operations to attain maximum profits without compromising on quality of the beer. Some of the management decisions operations of this brewery are;Design of goods and services,Quality management,Strategy process,Location strategies,Distribution strategy installations. Other important decisions made are:Human Resources,Supply chain management,Inventory administration,Programming and Maintenance all this result into an efficient process for the brewery (Besanko, Dranove, Shanley, 2000). Day to day operations of the brewery On a typical day the operations start at 7:00 am, when 20000-25000 pounds of grain are delivered into the brewery. After the delivery is made, the equipment is cleaned then the grain is put in the equipment to be crushed. The operations manaher and the chief brewer work together most of the time to ensure smooth running of the operations. The work they do include addind specific amounts of hops and grain, they ensure that the unfermented beer is boiled, they also supervise the workers who transfer the beer to various containers and tanks and lastly, adding the most important ingredient which is yeast for the fermentation process. Brew days can vary in length, however, a single batch takes 8 hours while a double batch takes 12 hours. On average, from the day in which brewing takes place, it takes 9-13 days for the beer to be bottled. At the shelf, the beer takes only 2 days after packaging. Hahn brewery does about 6-7 batches in a week, so inorder to keep production moving, multi tasking is essential. Repairs are very common, so at any given day you can find this repairs can be in process. linkages between brewery operations and operations From the theoretical point of view the distribution plan is useful because brewery managers need to have a clear and thorough understanding of concepts and techniques handled within the context of distribution engineering plan and their contribute to the success of the plant. On the other hand, if the distribution is observed in plant practically we can say that it is vitally important because through it a command and management of work areas and equipment, in order to minimize time right is achieved, space and costs, guiding managers in their task of directing the activities and ways forward and pointing out the dangers to avoid in production (Erickson, Messner, Ring, 2007). A good distribution plan is important because it prevents productive and financial failures, contributing to continuous improvement in both processes in industrial enterprises and in the service. Management should ensure that there is a quality control department which is important during operations and is critical in ensuring that quality products are produced in every stage of production. It ensures that the beer meets the standards set by the regulatory authority as well as meet consumers expectations. There is cost of quality in every manufacturing plant.There are 4 main categories of costs associated with quality, and are:Prevention costs, costs associated with reducing potentially defective products, eg training.Evaluation costs, costs related to the evaluation of products, process, eg laboratories.Internal fault resulting cost to produce defective parts before delivery to customers, for example scrap and waste.external costs, costs occurring after delivery of defective products, such goods returned (Managing resources, 2012).The first three are estimated costs reasonably but the external cost is very difficult to quantify.International Quality Standards,ISO 9000 ,It is a set of quality standards internationally recognized, developed by the International Organization for Standardization.To obtain the ISO 9000 certification, organizations go through a process of 9-18 months involves documenting quality procedures, evaluation and a series of audits of products or services. Which is very important for the brewery. A brewery uses continuous production. Processes in which the transformation of raw materials into products is carried out continuously over time. You can also include in this type of repetitive mass production processes to achieve economies of scale which is the goal of these processes (Greasley, 2008). Sustainability within the selected brewery precinct There are several factors that are considered when selecting the location of a brewery.This is to ensure that there is sustainability within the location. A brewery should be located in an area that offers tax credits, this could be an area designated by the government for industrial production purposes only. Also, due to distribution purposes, the plant should be located in an area that has high standards of infrastructure, this reduces transportation costs . Infrastructure not only helps to reduce transport cost but also helps the plant get the necessary requirement to manufacture beer. This materials include water, a waste disposal system, availability of labor, electricity among others. Localization strategy is the most efficient way of knowing where you can locate businesses. The location decision depends on the type of business. However, for a brewery we should ensure that the localization strategy is to maximize the benefit of the location for the company. Factors affecting location decisions (Forrester, 2006). These are the critical success factors needed to achieve a competitive advantages well as the sustainability of the brewery. For example: Critical success factors of a country, would be:Location of markets,Availability of supplies and communications. This enables the plant to be sustainable in all ways. Also,distribution FacilitiesDistribution strategy installations is the most efficient and effective way of knowing how you can distribute a facility so that a product quickly is provided, reducing labor and waste, this also includes machinery, furniture office, etc. For example: The distribution of offices seek to maximize the flow of information, distribution stores focus on product exposure. There is also an environmental sustainability, as manufacturing firms are expected to ensure that there is minimal pollution of the environment. Therefore, the brewery should ensure that it complies with ISO 14000 which is a standard of Environmental Management, established by the International Organization for Standardization. The ISO 14000 containes fiveimportantcomponents:environmentcontrol, auditing ,efficiencyassessment, labeling , life cycle assessment . Thechange instandardmight havea number ofpositive aspects:Aconstructivepublic image ,asoundorganizedapproach ,conformitywith regulatoryexpectationsas well aspossibilitiesfor competitive advantage andlessenedrequirements of multiple audits among others . Determination of production capacity and recommendations Thefirmneeds toevaluatethelevel ofproduction that the systemmayachievecapacityis going to bedescribedby theexpenseto be made in therelatedgoodsas well astechnical installations , influencing thedesignof therelatedcost function ,particularlyin relation toto fixed costsas well asindirect costsThe level of inventories (Greasley, 2008). The company, once established production capacity, determine the overall level of inventories that need as well as the control system and asked to renew the media and security stocks needed for the production process, as demand their characteristics. Location and distribution plant. Previous decisions lead to the need to locate and to design the processing plant (or plants). Approach is known as the technical expression of lay-out or way to distribute and acclimate physical spaces for maximum productivity and a good working environment in the operations of the company (Wacker Sheu, 2006). The implementation of the production process involves an analysis of the activities in which it develops, which, in turn, shall be composed of some tasks or jobs. The efficient performance of these requires a definition and valuation of positions, resulting design of the remuneration system and, in many cases, development of a manual of functions and labor regulations. In this way, the human factor should be integrated into the system in terms costs and to optimize performance and meet your expectations and goals. Increasing capacity For this part is convenient to introduce the concepts of capacity, activity level strategy and capacity development and its impact on the processes of planning, programming and control of production activities. This means the potential capacity of a worker, a machine, a workplace, a process, a plant or an organization for the production per unit time. Production capacity, analysis, planning, programming and control are critical activities that develop in parallel with the programming and material planning, capacity being the quantity of product designed to meet customer needs or society that can be obtained by a production unit in a given period of time. It is the volume of production that can be achieved in a given time, or the maximum speed that a system can perform in a work. It is difficult to express the capacity and production rate when diversity of products that require different levels of resources occur; for such a situation the rate of production depends on the product mix and the size of the lots, and capacity can be measured in units of resource available (Wacker Sheu, 2006).The term capacity is related to the technical and economic potential that has a system or productive organization or its structural units to participate in the development of products and / or services of a technical, rational and economically efficient manner, within a given time . Conclusion For this brewing company, capacity expansion can be done by working in shifts to increase the man hours, buying production equipment that can handle more production in a given time. The company can also improve its operations by providing training to personnel in all levels of management. This improves quality of decision making as well as providing more skills to the junior level workers to perform better. References Besanko, D., Dranove, D., Shanley, M. (2000).Economics of strategy. New York: Wiley. Buenstorf, G. (2004).The economics of energy and the production process. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar. Chylinski, M. (2010).Manufacturing. New York: Ferguson. Erickson, J., Messner, F., Ring, I. (2007).Ecological economics of sustainable watershed management. Amsterdam: Elsevier JAI. Forrester, P. (2006). Operations Process Management: Principles and Practice for Strategic Impact20061Nigel Slack, Stuart Chambers, Alan Betts and Robert Johnston. Operations Process Management: Principles and Practice for Strategic Impact . Pearson Education Limited, 2006. 531 44.22, ISBN: 0à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ 273à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ 68426à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ 4.Int Jrnl Of Op Prod Mnagemnt,26(8), 940-940. https://dx.doi.org/10.1108/01443570610678684 Greasley, A. (2008).Operations management. Los Angeles: SAGE Publications. Heizer, J. Render, B. (2001).Operations management. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall. Kelly, A. (2006).Managing maintenance resources. Amsterdam: Butterworth-Heinemann. Managing resources. (2010). London. Managing resources. (2012). London. Shahin, A. (2010). SSCM: Service Supply Chain Management.International Journal Of Logistics Systems And Management,6(1), 60. https://dx.doi.org/10.1504/ijlsm.2010.029721 Swanson, T. (2002).The economics of managing biotechnologies. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers. Wacker, J. Sheu, C. (2006). Effectiveness of manufacturing planning and controlsystems on manufacturing competitiveness: evidence from global manufacturing data.International Journal Of Production Research,44(5), 1015-1036. https://dx.doi.org/10.1080/00207540500268681 Walras, L. (2005).Studies in applied economics. London: Routledge.

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Song Of Solomon Essays - Song Of Solomon, Milk, Pontius Pilate

Song of Solomon Throughout the centuries many authors have attempted to capture the individuals quest for self-authenticity. In the novel Song of Solomon, Toni Morrison depicts the many aspects of self-actualization, as well as the tormenting road that leads to the shaping of an individual. Through beautiful language, with immense reality, she is able to describe young black mans journey as he uncovers his personal history, myth, and essence. The story revolves around generations, past and present, of a black family in the south. The character of Milkman (Macon Dead jr.) evolves through the descriptions, events, and experiences of others. His parents, Macon Dead sr., and Ruth Foster Dead, represent the wall-blocking Milkman from his true authentic identity. Many of Milkman's major problems are a direct result of his parents suffocating mistakes. Ruth breast-fed Milkman until he was six years old, hence the name Milkman. She was sexually repressed by her husband for twenty years, and used her young son as a substitute for sexual intimacy. Ruth believed that she possessed no authenticity, and that she was insignificant and isolated. By passing these negative attributes and emotions to Milkman she disturbed his natural process for growth, and ultimately left him feeling lost and insecure. Instead of encouraging Milkman to grow and mature, Ruth hoarded him into the world that she herself despised. Milkman's father, Macon Dead sr., became a ruthless money hound after his father, Jake, was shot and killed for his property. This devastating event from his childhood made him miserly, insensitive, and stingy. Macon Dead sr. becomes a money hungry machine because he does not want to suffer the same fate as his father. Macon Dead sr. fails to tell Milkman the reasons behind his miserly attitude. Thus creating an insurmountable gap between their relationship. Milkman's mother and father both thrust their personal fears on him adding to the destruction of his personal identity. Only after Milkman uncovers these tribulations behind his parents' identities, can he begin his quest for self-authenticity. By displacing the profound effect Milkman's parents have on his quest for self-actualization, Morrison is able to convey her theme of generational conflict. Without appropriate parental guidance, honesty, and explanation Milkman has trouble finding the authentic individual within himself. The inner turmoil within both Ruth and Macon Dear sr. reflects negatively upon Milkman, leaving him lost and unfocused. Morrison writes of this hole within Ruth, "?because the fact is that I am a small woman. I don't mean little; I mean small, and I'm small because I was pressed small. (p. 124)" Instead of accepting the problems with their own authenticity, both parents force their unauthentic values on Milkman. The overbearing needs of both parents result in Milkman's need to find his personal Identity in other places, other people. The individual who first inspires Milkman to discover his own identity is Pilate, the forbidden sister of Macon Dead sr. She is a mysterious woman, large, masculine, and frightening. Her brother abandoned her after years of support because she began making wine. Macon Dead sr. this drunken profession, and subsequently forbid Milkman to encounter her. Despite his father's wishes Milkman is intrigued by Pilate and quickly becomes absorbed in her magical, spiritual, fulfilling world. This was the same world that once held his father in awe. Morrison writes, "surrendering to the sound, Macon moved closer. He wanted no conversation, no whiteness, only to listen and perhaps to see the three of them, the source of that music that made him think of fields and of wild turkey and calico. (P.29)" By entering into Pilate's' home Milkman begins to question why his father acts the way he does. Through Pilate, Milkman discovers a past that seems lost within his father. This realization begi! ns Milkman's quest for self-authenticity. Milkman's flight to identity takes him many places. He is fortunate to have a friend, Guitar, who is also lost, and hunting for his authentic identity. The two pursue adventures and their contrasting personalities leave them wit ha wide perspective on events and experiences. While Milkman seems quiet, poetic, almost stumbling on his authentic self. Guitar is eager, outgoing, and aware of his needs. Morrison creates Pilate as a metaphor for a pilot, guiding Milkman through his quest. The

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What is the theme of The Country of the Blind and how is it portrayed Essay Example

What is the theme of The Country of the Blind and how is it portrayed Essay Example What is the theme of The Country of the Blind and how is it portrayed Paper What is the theme of The Country of the Blind and how is it portrayed Paper In the short story The Country of the Blind, the author H.G. Wells tries to convey a certain message. Wells expresses the theme of how man has difficulties adapting to change. The protagonist, Nunez, attempts to convince the villagers on the existence of sight but fails. The villagers are xenophobic therefore, are not willing to accept the truth and have difficulties to adapting change. Wells uses diction and setting to contribute to the understanding of this theme.The author uses diction to communicate the theme of how man has difficulties to adapt to change. As Nunez tries to convince the villagers about the beauty of sight, it is evident that they have difficulties accepting this through the use of diction. When they describe eyes as irritating bodies, something that is extremely agitating, it shows that the villagers were impatient and bothered with his constant appreciation for his sight, therefore showing their narrow-mindedness (Wells, 1997:21).By also describing eyes as queer things, something that is not normal or odd, shows the communities unwillingness to acknowledge an outsider (Wells, 1997:21). Moreover by describing Nunezs sight as an imagination it shows that they believe his views are ridiculous and unrealistic (Wells, 1997:22). Additionally in response to the words vision and sight, the villagers would be outraged and shocked. Through their reactions Wells clearly shows how difficult it is for them to adapt and accept something new (Wells, 1997:25).The author also uses setting to communicate the theme of how man has difficulties to adapt to change. Wells locates the Country of the Blind in a completely isolated area surrounded by rocks and cliffs. Due to the geographical location of The Country of the Blind, it is cut off from the exploring feet of men (Wells, 1997:4) thus causing the villagers imagination to be shrivelled (Wells, 1997:13). The isolated location of the Country of the Blind clearly causes the villagers to have no flexibility and a lack of understanding of the modern society therefore making it hard for them to adapt to change.Furthermore, Wells describes the outside world surrounding the Country of the Blind as an area that is frightful, icy, and incessant. All three of these words have negative connotations that show the outside world to be chaotic and have extremely appalling living conditions (Wells,1997:4). Wells juxtaposes this to describing the Country of the Blind as an area that has sweet water, beautiful flowers, and rich brown soil, all that have positive connotations that show the Country of the Blind to be a phenomenal place (Wells, 1997:4). The juxtaposition between the two worlds shows that they view their land as perfect, therefore there is no need for the chaos that comes from the outside.Wells clearly expresses the theme of how man has difficulties adapting to change through the use of diction and setting. Nunez tries to educate the villagers on what is out there in the modern world, but t hey just neglect it and have difficulties in adapting to a new idea. Man will always have difficulties adapting to change from what they are well adjusted to, but man should atleast try to acknowledge and appreciate that there is something else in the world. Without loosing their traditional roots man should be willing to learn and knowledge themselves on the modernization taking over our world.

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Antigon as a Leader Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Antigon as a Leader - Article Example This essay stresses that leaders do differ from managers, considering the convictions of most scholars who have studies the differences between leaders and managers. Leaders are involved in strategic management, just as the managers. However, leaders exhibit this aspect of strategic management in their behavior as well. Another difference between leaders and managers is evident in the way these relate with people and perceptions toward work. While managers exhibit high interaction with people, leaders are considered loners with great visions. Managers also use people to get goals and visions achieved. In addition, leaders are more charismatic and empathic than managers, since these will prioritize the needs of the people at their expense. This paper makes a conclusion that in the struggle for liberation from the Apartheid rule, Mandela’s party, the ANC, adopted an approach of violence, even though previously the party had advocated for a peaceful approach. Mandela admitted to his party adopting a violence approach from the previously held peaceful policy. In his view, the peaceful approach adopted by the ANC earlier on had failed, since it did not put an end to apartheid rule. This decision to adopt violence is justified. If the ANC had not turned to violence, the whites would have never addressed the concerns of the blacks through their peaceful approach. Secondly, violence was the only option left, since all other democratic options had been closed down in the country’s legislation by the whites.